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Halong Bay weather in spring

Spring in Halong lasts for only two months, yet it is one of the most beautiful times of year for visitors cruising the Bay. The scenery is stunning — alive with brilliant, fresh colour — and the weather cool to warm. The sea is lightly covered by a thin veil of misty fog, which is still ideal for sightseeing and photography. As the islands, islets and towers are bathed in soft sunlight, with trees in blossom and a crystal blue sky creating a vibrant backdrop to the already magnificent scenery of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay weather in summer

In summer, the waters of Halong Bay are blessed with the most glorious shades of blue and green: emerald, teal, sapphire, and azure. Summer is the perfect time to cruise the islands and islets of Halong Bay. The heat of the sun, cool breezes from the ocean and the clear, blue skies guarantee outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming and fishing can be enjoyed to the fullest without fear of rain or inclement weather. Summer is one of the best seasons for taking in the magnificent landscape and all it has to offer, ensuring you return from your vacation with your mind and body aglow.

Halong Bay weather in autumn

During Fall, as the last remnants of heat summer usher in cooler weather, the sun rises earlier and sets later in Halong Bay. Colours are soft like honey, shadows long and the vibe epic. Wander pristine beaches, dine in intimate surrounds to watch the sun set orange and pink into the emerald sea, the sky turning lavender then navy. Like timeless ghosts, the limestone towers watch over travellers making remarkable memories.

Halong Bay weather in winter

Considered magical and mystical rather than gloomy, winter is a relaxed time to visit Halong Bay with the slower pace suiting the traveller who wants to take their time. Temperatures are cool and misty rain is likely, turning Halong Bay into a wonderland as the wind from the north east chills the air. There is nothing quite like cruising the grey-green ocean, sound muffled by fog, with limestone pillars and islands appearing as if by magic. Exquisite, revealing a different side of Halong Bay.