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Activity: Things To Do in Halong Bay

Paradise Cruises is a well-established company in Halong Bay offering premium travel experiences to suit any visitor. We believe the most important aspect of your visit is, without a doubt, an intimate and authentic connection with the places, people, and culture of Halong Bay. Regardless of the itinerary you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience with a wide variety of choices, from onboard spa treatments to kayaking and adventuring to secret caves and beaches.



Choose the itinerary that suits you! Options are flexible for all types of travelers, depending on your needs. Our two-night itineraries offer the fullest experience possible, perfect for travelers who don’t want to miss a thing. You’ll still have an incredible experience with a full range of amenities with a one night stay, complete with visits to caves and a pearl farm. Our Day trip option is best for travelers with a short time constraint, but who don’t want to miss the chance to get a taste of what Halong has to offer. Take a look at our itineraries below, and see which one would be best for you!


Two Nights, One Night, and Day Trips

The three days, the two-night itinerary is by far the best way to get the most out of your stay in Halong Bay. Chances are you’ve traveled thousands of miles just to visit this beautiful part of the world. Take the time you deserve after a long journey to really soak in the experience and enjoy the sights while you’re here!


If you’re a little more limited on time, no problem! You’ll have an amazing experience with our one-night cruise option, and day trips are available for those who have a limited itinerary but still want to get a taste of Halong while they’re here. No matter which itinerary you choose, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for breathtaking photos and authentic experiences of our beautiful home.


A visit to Tun Sau Pearl Farm is a great opportunity to get a fascinating look into how pearls of different sizes, shapes, and colors are harvested. You’ll get to see a live demonstration of a real pearl extraction, and even have a chance to buy a gorgeous souvenir for someone special. The more adventurous will have the opportunity to kayak all around the pearl farm and explore Halong Bay for themselves.


Sung Sot Cave, also called “Surprise Cave,” is a wondrous cavern full of incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations, as well as beautiful geometric patterns carved into the ceilings from thousands of years of erosion. It’s a geological marvel and shockingly huge (hence the namesake). It’s one of Halong Bay’s most-visited spots, and for good reason.


Ti Top Island is an incredible photo opportunity. Though it’s a long climb of 450 steps, visitors who persevere to the top will enjoy a 360-degree view of Halong Bay from above. Take some panoramic shots, snap a few selfies, but most of all, simply breathe the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the marvelous view for yourself. You’ll be captivated by the beauty and stillness of the bay from this height, making the climb worth every step.


With the two night cruise, you’ll get a chance to check out some additional cultural and natural wonders of Halong Bay. There’s Cua Van Floating Village, one of only three remaining floating villages in the region. This is where you’ll get a chance to get an inside look at a way of life that has existed entirely in Halong Bay for hundreds of years. Though recently the government has incentivized local residents to move to the mainland in order to protect Halong Bay’s marine ecosystem from overfishing, a few hundred people remain, carrying on Halong Bay’s unique offshore way of life.


Trong Cave is an added bonus with the two-night cruise. Embrace your sense of adventure and get out on the open water in your own kayak. It’s an invigorating and freeing feeling—like you’re out there on the bay discovering it for yourself! A short paddle takes you to Trong Cave, which leads to a gorgeous secret beach on the other side. Relax on the sand or go for a swim and enjoy the natural beauty of Halong Bay away from the noise and crowds of major tourist attractions.


Our all-new Paradise Grand cruise takes you to Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island, so you can explore caves, get to know the locals, and enjoy the modern comforts of a top-of-the-line steel boat! 


With all cruises, the itinerary is subject to change based on cruising conditions and directives from local authorities. Regardless, Paradise Cruises are flexible enough to ensure that there’s always another beautiful destination to see in the event of any last-minute changes. Each location has its own unique charm and offerings, giving you a different slice of the local culture and natural scenery.


On or off-board, activities and options abound for our guests. With Paradise Cruises, you’re never limited to one choice at any time. You can take a more adventurous route and explore Halong Bay at every stop. Or you can stay in, relax, and be pampered. Enjoy world-class amenities and cuisine. Treat yourself to Le Parfum Spa, the best spa in Halong Bay, available on every Paradise cruise. Enjoy gourmet treats during tea time and simply soak in the beautiful sights from the sun deck or your own private balcony.



There’s no more invigorating way to explore Halong Bay than with your own kayak and paddle, giving you the independence and mobility to go discover the bay on your own terms. Take to the sea and paddle around a pearl farm, nestled in an alcove of massive limestone karsts. For your visit to Trong Cave, you’ll paddle yourself a short distance to the entrance of the cave, where you can walk through and discover a postcard-perfect private beach on the other side. Kayaks can be shared by two people, so this is a fun bonding opportunity as well as a great way to get some exercise!


Cooking Class

As part of every Paradise one or two-night itinerary, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make simple yet delicious and authentic Vietnamese recipes. Grab a happy hour cocktail and get a seat close to the front to watch our chef demonstrate the technique used to make gỏi cuốn, a fresh spring roll with pork, shrimp, and vegetables that is enjoyed in all parts of Vietnam. You’ll be amazed at what you can do after watching the demonstration and trying it for yourself! Best of all, after you’ve made your own roll, the kitchen staff will prepare it with a garnish and dipping sauce for you to enjoy. 


Tai Chi

Start your day the zen way and witness the breathtaking sunrise over Halong Bay with our early morning Tai Chi classes, included with everyone or two-night cruise experience. The slow, deliberate movements of Tai Chi are meant to help you breathe deeply, relax, and get centered. You’ll feel in tune with yourself and with nature as you move slowly to the sunrise and the gentle breeze of the silent and peaceful bay. It’s truly a magical experience, and available every morning on board every Paradise Cruise.


Le Parfum Spa

Looking for the best spa in Halong Bay? Look no further than Le Parfum Spa on every Paradise cruise. With expert masseuses trained in numerous styles of massage, you’ll have no shortage of options that are catered uniquely to your needs and preferences. Balinese massage focuses on slow, deep movements to clear energy blockages and help relieve strained muscles. Vietnamese massage focuses more on pressure points, pinpointing sources of stress to relieve tension and bring your body total relaxation. You’ll also get to choose more specifically focused massages like upper body, legs, and feet. A wide variety of rejuvenating and age-defying facials will ensure that your skin is soft, glowing and radiant for all those holiday photos. 


Our trained professionals can adjust the temperature, music, pressure, and specific focus on certain areas based on your preferences and needs. Not only is there an incredible array of treatment options; each of them is specifically tailored to you. Le Parfum Spa is unmatched in variety, quality, and personalized service. Booking yourself for at least one or two treatments during your Paradise Cruise is a must!


Live Music

Aboard Paradise Elegance and Paradise Grand, you can enjoy live music every night as part of your one or two-night itinerary. Sing along to some of your favorite hits, get up and dance, and let loose! Our band performs mostly Western pop hits, but you’ll also get to hear a few international favorites for our guests from China and Vietnam. After a full day of adventuring, pampering, and fine dining, there’s no better way to end on a high note. 



World-class, gourmet dining truly sets Paradise Cruises apart from every other option in Halong Bay. Aboard every Paradise Cruise, you’ll have an array of Western and Eastern dining options, perfectly suited to anyone’s tastes. Whether you’re craving the comforts of home, or curious to try some of the delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes with fresh Halong Bay seafood, you’ll be salivating over our menu options. Every meal is an experience all its own, and we guarantee you’ll be looking forward to each one as much as any of the other activities we offer throughout the cruise. For guests looking for a fun, historical dining experience, you can dine like royalty with a Traditional Bao Dai costume for our signature royal dinners aboard Paradise Sails and Paradise Peak cruises.


Aboard our brand new Paradise Grand cruise, guests will be treated to the best food Halong Bay has to offer, featuring a menu curated and prepared by celebrity Michelin-star Chef John Burton-Race. We are really pushing the limits of what’s possible here with a no-compromise five-star culinary and dining experience for all of our guests aboard Paradise Grand.


Aboard all of our cruises, special dietary preferences and needs are gladly accommodated by our professional kitchen staff. And best of all, where you eat is up to you! If you’d like to enjoy a fine dining experience, you can enjoy the full-service experience in the restaurant. However, those who’d rather have a private night in and enjoy the comforts of their cabin can have their meals delivered to them. The attention to detail, as well as the freshness and quality of our locally-sourced ingredients, and the expertly personalized service are what make Paradise Cruises dining experience a cut above the rest.