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Paradise Cruises: A Cut Above the Rest

First time visitors to Halong Bay are often overwhelmed by the array of options, tour companies, and transportation methods used to explore Halong Bay. Should you book an overnight cruise? If so, how many nights? Is a day trip enough to see the best of Halong Bay? Should you book a cruise, a speed boat, or a sea plane?

Paradise Sails: Adventure Without Compromise

Paradise Sails is your ticket to an incredible, unforgettable Halong Bay experience, without sacrificing any of the comforts and quality of service that are characteristic of all Paradise cruises. You can’t beat the deals you’ll get on this boat, with ample cabin space, a full-featured spa, world-class dining, and all the activities featured on the itineraries of every Paradise cruise.

Paradise Elegance: Cruise Halong Bay in Style

Paradise Elegance is a uniquely modern experience in Halong Bay. Enjoy spacious quarters in a luxurious steel boat designed for maximum comfort, without missing out on any of the authentic experiences of Halong Bay you can expect on every Paradise Cruise. With key features like sumptuous buffets, live music, and dancing, as well as a huge upper deck setting Elegance apart, there is no shortage of reasons to choose this cruise for the most exceptional experience of Halong Bay.

Paradise Peak: A World-Class Experience Second to None

Paradise Peak offers the absolute best of the best in service, luxury, amenities, and facilities, not only among our Paradise Cruises but of all the cruises in Halong Bay. Paradise Peak is not only an exceptional cruise, but it also rivals five-star hotels on land, and combined with the stunning natural beauty of Halong Bay, it’s truly a remarkable, one-of-a-kind experience in a class all its own. Personalized service takes on a whole new meaning on Paradise Peak, with a butler assigned to each cabin so that you are truly looked after at all times by someone specially trained to provide anything you need.

Activity: The Joy of Vietnamese Cooking Aboard Paradise Cruises

Whether you fancy yourself a chef or your idea of home cooking is unwrapping and heating up a pre-made dish, you’ll be amazed at how simple, fun, and delicious it can be to cook Vietnamese food. A cooking demonstration is part of every Paradise cruise, taking you to step by step through the process of making fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. Those who book a 2-night stay get the added bonus of learning how to make the crispy, crunchy deep-fried version of these spring rolls as well. 

Activity: The Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient mind-body practice that originated in China as a martial art and remains today, the most common form of exercise for adults in Asia. Despite being a low impact activity, extensive research has shown that Tai Chi promotes overall longevity and quality of life for those that practice the art form 5 - 6 hours per week. 

Activity: Get Up Close With Locals

The silent stillness and calm of Halong Bay add to its majesty and mystery. This stunning place of natural beauty carved out by millions of years of erosion, now stands as a monument to the distant past; a mountain range drowning in the sea. It’s a place that has stood for longer than humans have been around to inhabit it, and as you cruise around this magical destination in Vietnam, you can’t help but wonder what this bay might have looked like thousands of years ago before the first humans ever set sail in its pristine emerald blue waters

Expectation Vs Reality: A First Time Experience of Halong Bay

One of the things I love the most about traveling is how often my assumptions and expectations are proven wrong. Usually, I look for places that are less touristy and less traveled, either through word of mouth or through online research. I don’t like crowded places, where people clamor for photographs and wait in long queues just to catch a glimpse of what they’ve traveled thousands of miles to see. I like to get more hands-on, to experience life the way it is lived by people whose cultures are much different from my own.

Activity: An Unforgettable Massage at Le Parfum Spa

For my first time in Halong Bay, I was expecting what most people do: adventurous treks, sightseeing, stunning natural beauty, and maybe the occasional moments of downtime aboard a sailboat. Though that turned out to be true, there was a lot more I didn’t expect when I booked my tour on Paradise Elegance. Among those unexpected experiences was the onboard Le Parfum Spa.

Food/Travel: Fine Dining Aboard Paradise Cruises

Though each cruise presents its own unique take on dining, one thing is for sure: dining aboard Paradise cruises is nothing short of spectacular. The artful and seemingly effortless ease with which the staff aboard each Paradise Cruise serve and cater to your needs, uniquely customized and suited to any taste, is sure to excite your palate above and beyond what you ever thought possible aboard a cruise ship. Not only does the cuisine aboard Paradise Cruises set the standard for dining in Halong Bay, but it also rivals any land-based restaurant in authenticity, quality, all with the very best personalized service.

Ti Top Island: A Stunning View, A Halong Bay Treasure

The spirit of Halong Bay is something you can feel as soon as you begin drifting out on the bay aboard Paradise Cruises. There’s no questioning that this beautiful ancient paradise has an inimitable quality to it that has attracted visitors from all over the world for decades. With recent conservation efforts by local authorities to maintain this pristine paradise, there’s never been a better time to experience this gem of Vietnam’s diverse natural wonders.

Visions of the Past: Halong Bay’s Geological Heritage

The mysterious limestone karst formations loom overhead, scattered all across the horizon like ever-watchful sentinels, quietly guarding the secrets of Halong Bay. It’s a sight that draws visitors from around the world for an incomparable experience of nature’s wonder and seemingly limitless beauty. But most visitors to Halong Bay know very little about the actual geological origins of Halong Bay, and why this UNESCO world heritage site is considered a veritable treasure trove of information about the geological history of the region. Beyond their mystical presence and gorgeous formations, the limestone karsts of Halong Bay are actually a window into the history of what is now Northern Vietnam.

An Ancient Wonder: Halong Bay’s Cultural and Historical Riches

The stunning limestone structures that tower over the radiating, emerald green waters of Halong Bay are the most obvious visual representation of one of the world’s most treasured natural wonders. A feeling of serenity and quiet stillness is palpable here, with these large formations seeming to act as a physical barrier to the outside world. Perhaps this is why some of mankind’s earliest civilizations took refuge in and near these rocky limestone island formations. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, it is only in the last century that we have learned about the ancient Vietnamese settlers who first called Halong Bay home. But for thousands of years, legend and mystery have shrouded Halong Bay’s origins, culminating in the myth of the descending dragon.

Bay of the Descending Dragon: The Legends of Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a mystical destination, a wonderland of mystery and intrigue with a history that goes back thousands of years. It is not only one of the most well-known and eagerly visited destinations in Vietnam, but one that holds tremendous cultural significance as one of the earliest strongholds against foreign invaders when Vietnam was a small nation isolated in what is now the northern part of a country that stretches all along the eastern coastline of Mainland Southeast Asia. 

Destination: Top 5 Halong Bay Islands

Tuan Chau Island is where most Halong Bay adventures begin, as most cruise companies depart from this island. Paradise Cruises maintains its headquarters here, with noticeably more space for docking and its own fleet situated in a pristine and more modern-looking marina. Paradise Suites Hotel, a land-based luxury hotel that is as much of a destination as one of their world-renowned cruises. Tuan Chau island is home to white sandy beaches that can be enjoyed year-round, though late spring and summer are the best months to soak up some rays and enjoy the hot weather, refreshing yourself in the cool, emerald green waters of the bay.

Activity: Things To Do in Halong Bay

Paradise Cruises is a well-established company in Halong Bay offering premium travel experiences to suit any visitor. We believe the most important aspect of your visit is, without a doubt, an intimate and authentic connection with the places, people, and culture of Halong Bay. Regardless of the itinerary you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience with a wide variety of choices, from onboard spa treatments to kayaking and adventuring to secret caves and beaches.

Travel: Best Time of Year to Visit Halong Bay

Halong Bay has stood for millennia, relatively unchanged since humans first discovered this otherworldly paradise thousands of years ago. The crystal clear, emerald green water, the lush and verdant limestone karst formations towering overhead and looming in the distance, and that peaceful sense of mystical calm that really can’t be felt anywhere else in the world. No matter the time of year, this is Halong Bay.

Travel: 10 Reasons to Book a Halong Bay Cruise

So you’re thinking of visiting Vietnam, but you’re not entirely sure where to go? There are so many reasons to include a Halong Bay cruise in your itinerary, it’s difficult to know where to begin! But here are our top ten reasons to visit Halong Bay and book a Halong Bay cruise.