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Tuan Chau Island is located in the north-west of Halong Bay, 8 km south-west of Ha Long City. Tuan Chau Marina is an official gateway to Halong Bay, the first Marina is for day cruises, located on Ngoc Chau Road and the second one is for overnight cruises, located nearly 1 km farther on the same road. To get to the Island you will pass through a 1.86 km long road connecting Halong City and the island. This road was built by Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen from 1997 to 1998. Paradise Cruises fleet landing at the second Marina, from Gate 1 to Gate 5.

This island is a perfect destination for slow pace travelers who enjoy nature and calmness. As a newly-developed tourist attraction, Tuan Chau still keeps its authenticity without the hustle and bustle of the city center. One highlight of the Island is the artificial Tuan Chau beach. Stretching over 1 km in length, Tuan Chau Beach is one of the favourite spot for tourists with sunshine and clear water. Other award-winning hotspots on the Island are Paradise Suites - the first boutique hotel in Halong Bay - and 1958 Restaurant, which are receiving the highest rating on Tripadvisor for years.

As well as boasting white sandy beaches, a sheltered harbor and a spectacular view to Halong Bay, Tuan Chau Island also has an interesting history. In feudal times, and because it is located in a strategic position, the royal army set up an outpost on the island to patrol and defend Vietnam’s borders. The name “Tuan Chau” is a combination of tuan (patrol) and tri chau (district chief).

The island also has a rich archaeological history and traces of the Halong culture - whose people occupied the area from 3,000 to 5,000 years ago - have been found there. In 1958, President Ho Chi Minh holidayed on Tuan Chau Island, and the house in which he stayed is now a memorial site.

Traveller reviews

Beautiful island

It’s interesting for me to find out this beautiful island used to be a crucial outpost to defend Vietnam’s border and the name Tuan Chau itself means patrol and district chief. A very nice place to walk around and there’s something to do for everyone!

Tim Wu – Singapore

A good choice if you’r going on a cruise

Since I was going on a 2-night-1-day tour on a cruise I decided to spend a night earlier on Tuan Chau Island. There are many hotels nearby ranging from low to high quality with many spa, bars,.. . Have I mentioned the seafood? Cuz it’s AMAZING!

Braylen Whitney – UK

An amazing island that not has been spoiled

Different from the city center which is packed with tourists and hotels, restaurants, Tuan Chau Island is still able to keep its quite and calm vibe that I’m looking for. Highly recommend Paradise Suites Hotel for accomodation and 1958 Restaurant for authentic Vietnamse cuisine.

Sean Gordon – Canada

Right time to visit

The first peak season runs from June to July, most of travellers are Vietnamese and Asian. The second peak season runs from December to February, most of travellers come from Europe, America and other countries in frigid and temperate zone. The first off-peak season runs from April to May and the second runs from August to October. If you are considering visiting Tuan Chau during the peak season, you should note that prices are generally higher.

The busiest times are Tết (Vietnamese New Year in Jan/Feb, dates vary), 30th April (Reunification Day), 1st May (International Workers' Day) and Christmas Day. Independence Day September 2nd is a national public holiday, you may experience a red bay with many Vietnam flags on the way to the cave. Halong Carnaval is an annual event organised for travellers, this street festival taking place at the end of April or/and start of May in Ha Long City.

Halong's weather varies in accordance to 4 different seasons. Spring lasts only two months March & April yet it is the most beautiful season with cool to warm weather. Summer lasts from May to August with glorious shades of blue sky and emerald water which is perfect for cruising islands. During Fall - September & October, colours are soft like honey, shadows long and the atmosphere serene. The 4 remaining months is Winter and is suitable for low pace travelers who enjoy cooler atmosphere and the magical and mystical beauty of Halong Bay.