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Trong Cave is located in the northwest of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, about 15 km south-east of Tuan Chau Marina and 15 km from the south of Bai Chay wharf. Situated on Bo Hon island, this limestone grotto is one of the best sights to see in Halong Bay, contributing to its reputation of an UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Trong (Male) Cave and Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave are associated with a fascinating legend which is as romantic as it is tragic. It is said that, once there was a beautiful young girl from a poor family that has to work for the landlord of a large fishing area. Falling in love with the little girl’s beauty, the evil landlord forced her to become his wife. The girl, already had someone else in her heart, rejected the marriage proposal of the wealthy landlord, and insisted on waiting for her lover, who had been risking his life sailing on the sea, looking for a treasure in order marry the girl he loved. Overtaken by the envy of her unswayed love for the man, the deviant landlord drove her into exile to a remote cave, where she was enveloped in loneliness, hunger and pain. After waiting for so long, she finally turned into rocks and become one with the cave, created flowstone columns resembling a woman with long hair, always kept her eyes towards the mainland, where she promised to have a reunion with her lover. Thus, the name Virgin cave was born.

The man, upon having heard about the incident of the exile of his lover, rushed back to find his dearest lover. However, luck was not on his side, as he had to face a ferocious storm. The man and his boat were struck to an island. Coincidentally, this place is next to the place where his lover died, and although he can only see a faint image of a woman from afar, no matter how much he called out for her, she would not turn back. He used the rock around him and smashed into the wall trying to get her attention. Eventually, exhausted from all the vain effort, he also turned into a rock and the cave became his last resting place. It is said that the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites in the cave form a shape of a man, gazing towards the Virgin cave for eternity. The cave was then named “Trong”, which can be understood as “male” in Vietnamese.

Though neither the most spectacular nor the biggest, Trong karst cave is still a destination you certainly cannot miss when coming to Ha Long Bay. The flowstone columns, formed by the stalactites and stalagmites with a spacious area inside made this cave an ideal place for a romantic dinner. But unfortunately, this choice is no longer available due to preservation policies.

Trong Cave