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Sunrise in Halong Bay

The dawn in Halong Bay is one of the most amazing time while cruising. Take a cup of tea and go up to the sundeck, enjoy the fresh air from the sea and immerse yourself in the peaceful morning. If you want to capture awesome pictures of sunrise in Halong Bay, let your dream set sail in June or July.

Sunrise time in spring (March & April): 05:50-06:10 AM

Sunrise time in summer (May to August): 04:45-05:15 AM

Sunrise time in autumn (September & October): 05:15-05:40 AM

Sunrise time in winter (November to February): 06:00-06:20 AM

Sunrise in Halong Bay

Spectacular view of sunrise in Halong Bay

Paradise Cruise at sunrise in Halong Bay

A Paradise Cruise in Halong Bay many years ago

Sunrise in spring

Halong Bay at a beautiful sunrise in spring

Morning light over the Bay

The golden Bay

A peaceful dawn

A peaceful dawn in Halong Bay

Halong Bay at sunrise

Halong Bay at sunrise

Halong Bay floating village at sunrise

Magical view of Halong Bay floating village at sunrise

Halong Bay at sunrise

Halong Bay at sunrise

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