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Cruise Halong Bay in winter

The beauty of a tropical climate is that winter is usually anything but cold. Halong Bay is no exception and luxury overnight cruising at this time of year is a magical experience. Prices are slightly higher because its peak season, but seeing Halong Bay at this time of year is worth the extra cost.

Winter in Halong Bay - from November to February - has cool to moderate temperatures ranging from 15°C to 21°C (59°F to 69°F). Sunshine is still plentiful, and the soft light means ideal conditions for taking that perfect photograph of the ancient karst landscape.

The cool temperatures, while not ideal for some water sports, are well suited for sightseeing and activities onboard your cruise. Spend an afternoon pampering yourself with a spa or wellness treatment. Watch a cooking demonstration of easy-to-make Vietnamese dishes. Try Vietnamese rice wine or join a tea making ceremony. Relax in the evening with a movie or a book, and rejuvenate in the morning with Tai Chi.

For cruise operators, winter is the peak season, and Halong Bay attracts many international travellers from Europe and the US. Visitors to the area at this time of year can expect to pay between 10 - 20% more for overnight luxury cruises in winter. Day trips remain around the same price.

With the cooler weather, visitors will need to pack layers for warmth and include a light rain jacket. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are still recommended. There are no rules around evening wear, so pack clothes that you are comfortable wearing out for dinner. Caves are slippery with moisture at this time of year, so make sure your bring non-slip shoes with you.

Exploring Halong Bay during winter is a magical time for discovery. Talk to one of our staff now about booking your cruise.

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