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Cruise Halong Bay in summer

Cruising Halong Bay in summer is a highlight of any trip to Vietnam, and while not considered peak season, it is still a wonderful time to visit. There are fewer tourists so sites are less crowded, prices are lower and for lovers of heat, this time of year is hot, hot, hot.

Summer in Halong Bay - from May to August - usually boasts temperatures ranging from 25° C to 35° C (75°F to 90°F) and with more than eight hours of sunshine, this time of year is ideal for those visitors to the area who enjoy water activities, including kayaking, squid fishing and swimming.

This time of year is not just for activities involving water: clear, blue skies and warm temperatures beckon travellers to try all the offerings on the itinerary. Visit fascinating floating fishing villages, tranquil islands and mysterious cave systems. Photograph spectacular sunsets and sensational sunrises. Soak up the sun on the sundeck, then try a new cocktail as the ocean breeze cools the evening. Fruit and vegetables are bursting with flavour, making dining a delight.

At this time of year - low season for cruise operators - the numbers of international travellers from Europe and the US have dropped significantly. While the prices for day cruises are not much cheaper, the overnight cruise rates are at their lowest in summer. Travellers who want to experience luxury overnight cruising - and don’t mind warmer temperatures - will find that this time of year is kinder to their wallet.

Packing is easier at this time of year - lighter and fewer clothes means less luggage. Shorts, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, swimwear, sandals as well as hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are all recommended. There is no dress code for dinner, so choose clothes that are comfortable and lightweight. If you are considering a cave visit, wear a pair of non-slip shoes on the day.

Summer is one of the best seasons for making the most of all that Halong Bay has to offer - so why wait? Book your cruise now.

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