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5 packing tips to enjoy a Halong Bay cruise

Halong Bay cruise packing tips

The weather in Halong Bay is quite mild, but the region can be prone to overcast days, accompanied by misty rain depending on the season. Generally, the temperature in Halong Bay ranges from 19o to 25o Celsius, with are approximately seven hours of sunshine per day - that makes packing for your cruise very easy!

Pack light

Carrying around lots of luggage is not much fun, so pack as lightly as you can for your trip. Your Paradise Cruise will supply you with a hairdryer, robe and beautiful toiletries, so you don’t need to worry about packing these items. And you will also want to leave room for shopping and souvenirs!

Know the season

Even with its mild temperature, Halong Bay can experience hot and cold days. Check the weather forecast a few days ahead so you can pack for the conditions. Warm days are often accompanied by cool nights, so make sure you pack a light, rainproof jacket just in case. And always bring your sunscreen. If you are planning to travel in the colder months, light layers are best. Halong has more sun than other part of northern Vietnam, so hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential items.

Take into account your itinerary

If your trip is an active one, with cave visiting, kayaking, swimming or climbing on the list, make sure you pack your swimwear, a hat (with string or keeper), sunglasses, sunscreen, slip resistant shoes or sandals, insect repellent and more light clothing. For those guests considering a more relaxed cruise, comfortable cotton or linen clothing is your best option. If you want to experience an overnight cruise, you won’t go astray packing more formal attire so you can dress for dinner.

Bring your medication

If you require medication of any type, make sure you bring it with you on your cruise. The seas of Halong Bay are relatively calm, but if you are prone to sea sickness, ginger tea will help settle your stomach. And if you are cruising with Paradise, you can order fresh, ginger tea - free of charge - any time.

Safeguard your valuables

Most cruise lines won’t accept responsibility for lost or stolen items, so make sure you keep your valuables - cash, credit cards, passport, camera and jewellery - either on your person, or locked away in the safe in your cabin. Always keep an eye on handbags and wallets when you are onshore, especially in crowded areas like transfer areas or sightseeing.

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