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Food/Travel: Fine Dining Aboard Paradise Cruises

Though each cruise presents its own unique take on dining, one thing is for sure: dining aboard Paradise cruises is nothing short of spectacular. The artful and seemingly effortless ease with which the staff aboard each Paradise Cruise serve and cater to your needs, uniquely customized and suited to any taste, is sure to excite your palate above and beyond what you ever thought possible aboard a cruise ship. Not only does the cuisine aboard Paradise Cruises set the standard for dining in Halong Bay, but it also rivals any land-based restaurant in authenticity, quality, all with the very best personalized service.


Paradise cruises feature cuisine with Western and Eastern influences, so you can enjoy the comforts of home, or try new and exciting authentic Vietnamese dishes, among other international favorites. All ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, taking advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables so that every mouthful is fresh, delicious, and bursting with flavor. Fresh seafood is cooked to perfection Halong Bay style, and a wide array of beverages, hand-crafted cocktails, beer, and fine wines are available aboard every cruise. 


For foodies, choosing Paradise Cruises is a no-brainer. You’ll want for nothing and enjoy some of the best food Halong Bay has to offer aboard every Paradise Cruise. Dietary restrictions are happily accommodated by kitchen staff. Just be sure to let your server know and the preparation of your meals will be adjusted accordingly.


Paradise Sails: Authentic, Homestyle Vietnamese Dining

For your first meal aboard Paradise Sails, you’ll be nothing short of amazed at the seemingly endless array of traditional, authentic Vietnamese dishes. Fresh rice paper spring rolls are served with a home-made dipping sauce. A raw vegetable salad with cucumbers, carrots, onions, and pineapple pair perfectly with delicately-spiced minced beef sausage. Fresh Halong Bay squid is served with stir-fried with a sweet and tangy sauce, and delicious fish meatballs pair nicely with a heaping serving of steamed rice. Steamed bok choy in oyster sauce and topped with crispy fried shallots refreshes the palate with a fresh, crispy crunch that pairs well with any of the dishes. 


Though the lunch menu changes daily and depending on what fresh ingredients are available, these are among the many items you can expect to enjoy aboard Paradise Sails. The dishes are served in an authentic, Vietnamese family-style fashion, with dishes gradually coming straight from the kitchen to your table one after the other. You might have difficulty keeping up! The great thing about family-style dining is that each diner can take more of what they enjoy the most.


For those who get the mid-afternoon munchies, or simply want to treat themselves to a snack, the afternoon tea aboard Paradise Sails features an array of biscuits and fresh fruit as well as your choice of free-flow coffee or tea.


Dinner aboard Paradise Sails is not only a world-class culinary experience with a combination of eastern and western delights that you can choose in advance; it’s a cultural experience as well. Each guest aboard Paradise Sails is invited to dine in the traditional royal Bao Dai costume, as was customary for Vietnam’s royalty as recently as a century ago. When you wear these garments, there’s an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia, a mixture of old and new as you enjoy the modern comforts of dining on Paradise Sails while having the kind of dining experience that might have been available exclusively to Vietnam’s wealthiest class less than a hundred years ago.


The next day, you’ll enjoy breakfast with a menu featuring eggs cooked your way, cereal, and fresh juice, among other Western classics. You can also choose to eat breakfast Vietnamese-style with phở gà (a special chicken noodle soup) and other traditional breakfast items. Fresh tea and coffee are also available.


Paradise Sails is the most affordable of Paradise Cruises, yet you won’t feel like you’re compromising at all on this lovely traditional wooden boat, with beautiful and comfortable furnishings, and the top-notch service you’d expect from any fine dining experience. 


Paradise Elegance: Fine Dining and an Unbelievable Buffet

Paradise Elegance is a thoroughly modern take on fine dining and luxury, with a spacious steel boat offering a full-service experience. You’ll experience the same fresh, locally sourced, quality ingredients as you would on any Paradise Cruise, but in a unique setting with a wide variety of options.


Breakfast and lunch on Paradise Elegance are a feast for the senses with a luxurious buffet of Eastern and Western cuisine. For breakfast, have eggs cooked your way, or order the special eggs benedict a la carte. You can also enjoy chicken pho, as well as cháo (or congee, a rice porridge popular for breakfast in many parts of Asia) dressed with a variety of toppings from eggs to crispy shallots and of course, fish sauce. Sliced fresh fruits and yogurt are available, as well as fresh-squeezed juice. Pineapple, cucumber with lemon, and carrot-orange are among the incredible delicious choices available to you. These are just a few of the incredible options you’ll have to choose from at every breakfast aboard Paradise Elegance.

For those who wake up early for Tai Chi, you’ll have a special early light breakfast of coffee, tea, biscuits, and fresh fruit available to you, in addition to the breakfast buffet served later in the morning.


The lunch buffet, in line with the spectacular breakfast experience, combines a wide variety of Eastern and Western favorites. Fresh hand-rolled sushi, a variety of salads, roasted pork, chicken soup, and dumplings are just a few of the vast array of choices you’ll encounter at lunch. 


For dinner, prepare to be “wowed” by a full-fledged fine dining experience. Your dinner consists of a starter, a soup, a main course, and a dessert. The menu is divided into Eastern and Western dishes. For each of these courses, you’ll have several options to choose from on either side of the menu, and you can mix and match as much as you like. Some travelers might prefer to go all Eastern or all Western depending on their taste, but most will opt for a mixture of the two. To be sure, with all the tantalizing options on either side of the menu, it’s a difficult choice to make!


Among the many choices, you might choose a traditional Vietnamese green papaya salad to start, Vietnamese sweet corn and chicken soup, classic western steak and potatoes main course, and deep-fried banana with caramel syrup, or perhaps a rich and gooey chocolate cake served with ice cream. Any questions about dishes can be answered and any modifications to menu items based on dietary needs can be made with the help of your attentive server. 


You’ll experience the same fabulous tea time snacks as you would on any Paradise Cruise, and all food can be ordered and delivered directly to your room for private dining. Elegance sets the standard for a thoroughly modern and full-service dining experience among the many cruise choices in Halong Bay.


Paradise Peak: Unparalleled Luxury, Customised Service

The creme de al creme, Paradise Peak offers an unbelievable dining experience that might just be the very best in the entire region. Your personal butler for the cruise will also ensure every detail of your dining experience is perfectly taken care of. Though Paradise Sails and Paradise Peak both feature the traditional wooden junk boats, Peak takes things a step further by creating a more intimate, more refined, and more personalized dining experience than any other cruise in Halong Bay. Your spacious quarters aboard this boat include a private dining area, and you are encouraged to eat absolutely anywhere you prefer. You may prefer your private dining area, or perhaps enjoy your meal al fresco on the sundeck. Of course, you can enjoy the beautifully decorated dining area as well.

Free flow is available for a wide array of beverages, wines, beer, and craft cocktails as part of your Paradise Peak package, so not only is this cruise guaranteed to amaze your taste buds, but you’ll have absolutely any beverage you could possibly want to accompany your dining experience, at any time.


Aboard Paradise Peak, it’s all in the details. From the meticulous presentation and preparation of each and every dish to the gorgeous flatware to the thoughtful dining room arrangements, dining aboard Paradise Peak is truly a feast for all your senses. Enjoy a creamy pumpkin soup served with finely minced fresh vegetables and a slice of artisan bread, and artfully arranged fresh vegetable salad with the finest local produce, and for those who want to try something local, the delicate sweetness of the black sticky rice pudding served with ice cream and a sprig of fresh mint will blow you away. For all meals, Paradise features a set menu with Eastern and Western choices, so you can eat whatever suits you at the moment.


For a truly customized experience with the most flexible dining options, Paradise Peak is a clear choice. Like all Paradise Cruises, the cuisine and dining experience aboard Paradise Peak is something you’ll look forward to with the same excitement and delight as any of the incredible experiences and destinations throughout your unforgettable stay in Halong Bay.